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Thanks for Registering as a Member with the NURA
You will now be directed to the Northeastern University Howlin' Husky Donation payment page.  When there, click on the image of this box below to make a specific gift.

NURA Member Minimum Gift
Alumni / Friend minimum gift is $50
Student / Athlete minimum gift (grad year ex. 2022) is $20.22
Please give generously


The NURA's goal is to raise $150,000 for Men's Rowing by June 30, 2022.  


Please Gift generously.

All Gifts go 100% to NU Men's Rowing

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Once you have completed the NURA Member Subscription, you will then connect via the "Go to NU Gift Payment Site" button above, to the Northeastern University "Howlin' Huskies" website for payment of the gift to NU Men's Rowing.  Please proceed to complete your gift payment in the same session as you have completed you NURA Member Registration.  NOTE: all gifts paid online through the NU Howlin' Huskies site go 100% to NU Men's Rowing.  The NURA is looking to raise in excess of $150,000 annually to support NU Men's Rowing and through the support of the NURA.  Please consider as generous of a gift as possible in excess of the member gift donation.  All gifts are very much appreciated by the Student Athletes of the rowing program.  NOTE:  All gifts to Northeastern are Tax Deductible.

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