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NURA Membership

The NURA is here to celebrate the past history and comradery of Northeastern Husky Rowing and be instrumental in support of the future of the program to see it elevated and successful for all student athletes who will carry the banner of Husky Rowing honor.  

It is about building a "Big Tent" that ALL alumni and friends can to be part of the common vision and mission and come along side one another to share in that purpose.

2 Simple Steps to Join or Rejoin

  1. First Sign-up (or renewing members Login) to the NURA Website

  2. Once signed in, make a gift at NU Howlin' Huskies site 

Make a Minimum Membership gift to NU Men's Rowing.  

100% goes to NU Men's Rowing

It's About YOU

You may not have been connected to NU Rowing for some years, but it may be time to reconnect with old friends and new with the same desire and passion to share in Husky rowing .  Much is planned for events, activities and engagement with alumni and friends in support NU Men's Rowing. 

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BENEFITS of Being an NURA Member

Support Men's Rowing

  • Be connected with the future of Men's Rowing

  • All Member gifts go 100% to Men's Rowing

  • Be a mentor to a student athlete's future

  • As an Alumni be a presence and encouragement to the team

  • Represent and Participate in rowing events as NURA member

Choose a Member Option

Choose a Member Option and make a minimum gift to NU Men's Rowing.  After selecting the member option on next page, then sign-Up/ In, you will be sent to an NU website to make your gift donation.  Give as much as you can, 100% goes to NU Men's Rowing
Alumni/Friend Member

NURA Membership for All Alumni, Friends, etc., MINIMUM GIFT

  • Under Age 30 - $50

  • 30 and older - $100

Student/Athlete Member

NURA Membership for Current Students and Athletes, MINIMUM Grad Year $ GIFT

  • $20.24 for 2024 Grads (etc)

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