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Exclusive History of NU Men's Rowing

As a Member of the NURA, you have access to the exclusive detailed history of all things NU Men's Rowing.  This rich history will bring back memories for many and be truly informative for most all as we learn more about what has made a Husky rowing so great.

The NURA can use the help of all alumni and friends
If you have any pictures, information, corrections or other material that can be added to these items of the past, please contact the NURA Membership at
This History page is a work in progress and material will be added continually, so check back often
Full History and Team Photos
1991 Varsity_edited.jpg
Medal Winning Crews
History / Winning Crews
2017 HOF Scott Fentress 2_edited.jpg
Husky Hall of Fame
1991 World Champ Silver 4-, 1990 Manning, McLaughlin & Porterfield_edited.jpg
National Team Members
HOF / National Team
2019 NU IRA Varsity.png
Team Rowing/Candid Photos
NU 2021 Roster_edited.jpg
Team Rosters
Team / Candid Photos
73 40th Henley Revisit 2013 b.png
Rowing Articles
NU Records 72-73 a_edited.jpg
Rowing Results
Articles / Results
Competitors Rowing Shirts
NU Crew T 1973_edited.jpg
Men's Rowing Gear
Competitor Shirts / Gear
2014 sprints 2V, 1st_edited.jpg
Medals and Awards
70's Badges Tags Programs2_edited_edited.jpg
Event Badges, Tags, Programs
Medals / Badges
Alumni 4 Nottingham 6 1973 _edited.jpg
Alumni Rowing
2013 crew Henley_edited.jpg
Alumni Rowing / Henley

NURA Volunteer Help Needed

To build a strong and lasting organization for the future of the NURA and NU Rowing, we can use any and all help by being a Volunteer to one of the Committees that help run the NURA.  Here is a list of skills, talents and general needs of the Committees.  If you can help, please contact the NURA President at or the Chair of the Membership Committee at

  • Marketing and or Communications skills/interests

  • Website skills/interests

  • Interest in being an Ambassador to connect with Alumni and Friends from your Era

  • Administrative skills/interest

  • Relationship building and fund raising skills/interest

  • Event planning, management and support

  • Interest in history and research

  • Leadership skills

Find out more about Committees ​

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