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NURA Organization


The NURA is a Volunteer lead organization of Northeastern rowing alumni and friends independent of, but in coordination with, Northeastern University to support alumni engagement and the future success of Northeastern Rowing.  The NURA is organized and operated by a set of Bylaws that forms the functioning of the:

Officers, Committee Chairpersons and Committee Members are all the volunteers that contribute to the effort to meet its Purpose and make a difference in the lives of NU Rowing Student Athletes  and build on the friendships of its members.


To the extent consistent with the NURA Mission Statement, the purposes of NURA shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. supporting and developing all forms of purposeful engagement around building common interests and relationships with alumni and friends with the common interest in supporting and improving Northeastern Rowing programs, Men’s initially and Women’s as developed in the future;

  2. through philanthropy, fostering and building fund raising efforts to support Northeastern Rowing programs to have the resources to conduct rowing at a highly competitive level;

  3. planning and hosting events of all types to gather alumni and friends for the common purpose of the NURA mission;

  4. communicating to all members, student-athletes, alumni and friends the status and activities of members and the happenings, activities and results of the rowing programs;

  5. provide mentorship and career connections for student athletes and members, and

  6. support other alumni rowing, social and recreational activities consistent with NURA’s charitable purposes.


Structure - Purpose
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Nura Volunteer Help Needed

To build a strong and lasting organization for the future of the NURA and NU Rowing, we can use any and all help by being a Volunteer to one of the Committees that help run the NURA.  Here is a list of skills, talents and general needs of the Committees.  If you can help, please contact the NURA President at or the Chair of any committee listed below or the Membership Committee at

  • Marketing and or Communications skills/interests

  • Website/Social Media skills/interests

  • Interest in being an Ambassador to connect with Alumni and Friends from your Era

  • Administrative skills/interest

  • Relationship building and fund raising skills/interest

  • Event planning, management and support

  • Interest in history and research

  • Leadership skills

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Calling All Ambassadors

A key focus of the NURA is to connect with the upwards of 1,600 alumni and friends that have been part of the journey of NU Rowing over the past 6 decades.  To do that, we are creating an "Ambassador Program".  Ambassadors will be available to connect with alumni and friends about all things NURA and be a representative of the mission of the NURA.  We are looking for 2 to 3 people from each 5-year segment of the NU Rowing history.  That would be 1965-1969 era, 1970 -1974 era, 1975-1979 era, and so forth.  If you think you could spare a little time and enjoy connecting with old alumni and friends and help the NURA grow and engage for the future of NU Rowing, please reach out to the Membership Committee at the following email.

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NURA Boards-Officers

Board of Directors


The oversight of NURA, the direction and management of its mission and activities, is vested in its Board of Directors. Any Active Member of NURA is eligible to be nominated to and serve on the Board of Directors. The Board shall have the authority to establish committees and to delegate authority to those committees as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of NURA and to select members to serve on those committees.  MEET THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Husky Impact Board (HIB)

The Husky Impact Board (HIB) advises the Board as appropriate, and lends support to all of the activities of the organization, including being a Board member, participating in committees and assisting in activities and events of NURA. The HIB provides counsel to the Board leadership on priorities, plans and strategic initiatives as well as making sure NURA remains true to its stated purpose and charter.  MEET THE HUSKY IMPACT BOARD

NURA Officers

Meet the currently elected officers of the NURA serving to make a difference in the future of NU Rowing.  Click on Name to see more.

- Chris Meehan '75, President

- Mike Porterfield '89, Vice President

- Tom Gates '73, Secretary

- Tim Lenhard '89, Treasurer

If you would be interested in serving in the future on a board or as an officer, please contact the President at 

See the
Complete List of Directors and Officers and the terms they are serving in the NURA leadership roles

Boards and Officers
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NURA Committees


The work of NURA is done by its committees. These committees may consist of any Active Member who want to support the NURA mission through committee work. If you are interested in serving on a committee, have expertise in an applicable field or if you have any questions about a committee, please contact the committee chair directly - links are below.  It's a great way to stay connected with NURA and with Northeastern Men's Rowing! The following committees are currently in place:

Development Committee

Chaired by Mike Porterfield '89, the Development Committee is responsible for the planning and management of all fund-raising efforts of NURA.

Membership Committee

Chaired by Tom Gates '74, the Membership Committee is responsible to build all forms of engagement related to the members.  This includes; member liaison, building and managing member database, develop and manage history of NU rowing, develop articles on members for the members website and member information, planning and managing annual members meeting​

Events / Social Committee

Chaired by Tim Lenhard '89, the Events / Social Committee is responsible to plan and manage, in coordination with NU, the events and programs planned for engagement with members.


Outreach Committee 

Chaired by Steve Simko '97, the Outreach Committee is responsible to plan and manage all marketing, communications, digital media and tools to outreach with members and potential members. 


Team Liaison Committee

Chaired by Connor Wortley '16, the Team Liaison Committee serves as the intermediary between Northeastern University Men’s Rowing and the NURA. From launch rides, to student-athlete mentoring, the Team Liaison Committee is designed to operate as a medium through which the current student-athletes can connect with the NURA and vice versa.

Alumni Rowing Committee

The Alumni Rowing Committee is responsible for the leadership, development and engagement with alumni that want to row as alumni in any and all events open to alumni. This committee has yet to be formed. If you are interested, please contact NURA President, Chris Meehan, directly.

There are also two Standing Committees of the Board, an Executive Committee and a Nominating Committee

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