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nura members

Welcome to the Members area of the NURA website.  If you have joined the NURA, you will have access to a wide array of Member exclusive materials that provide a deep view of the history of Northeastern Men's Rowing and access to connecting with alumni and friends in numerous special ways.  Become a member and take the time to connect with others that support NU Men's Rowing and build on the comradery the makes Husky Rowing special.

Check Out what is available for Members

  1. Check out and Connect with other NURA Members - NURA Member Profiles
  2. Take the time to learn the in-depth of NU Rowing History and those that made it Great:
    1. History, Team Photos and Winning Crews
    2. Hall of Fame and National Team Members
    3. Candid Photos and Team Rosters
    4. Rowing Articles and Racing Results
    5. Competitive Rowing Shirts and NU Rowing Gear
    6. Medals and Awards, Event Badges, Tags and Programs
    7. Alumni Rowing and Henley History
    8. Boats and Equipment 
  3. Are you interested in Alumni Rowing and Connecting with others?
  4. Opportunities to Mentor student athletes and young alumni
  5. Connecting with other members through Social Engagement:
    1. An online Forum (coming soon) for Alumni and Friends to engage in discussions of interest​
    2. An online Groups (coming soon) to join members in interest groups like erging, travel, golf, food and wine, and other interest groups
    3. Engagement and networking through social media including Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin
  6. Other events and member connections​
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  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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