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Welcome to the NURA Stores

Here you will find links to an expanding array of NURA stores with unique items available for purchase 365 days of the year. 
• NURA Casual Logo Gear and Accessories
• NU Crew Vintage/Retro Logo Gear (Ernie Arlett Era Vintage)
• NURA Rowing Gear (Coming Soon)
• NURA Logo Glassware (Coming Soon)
• Other Unique Rowing and NURA Gift Items (Coming Soon)
Check out all the great stuff and build on the Husky Pride!

A portion of ALL purchase $ go to support NU Men's Rowing
New Husky Rowing 23.png
NURA Casual Logo Store and NU Crew Retro Store provided by SquadLocker.  Order from both to combine one order.  Shipping time will be provided at check-out.
Many thanks to Texas Lawton, NU19, for his design work on all the logos for the NURA.
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