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2024 NURA Fund Raising Plan For Men's Rowing Success

An integral role of the NURA is to help Men's Rowing achieve the highest level of competitive success. One element of that is how in partnership with alumni, friends, families and the University, funds can be raised so the team has what it needs to compete with other well funded programs.

Men's Program Needs

Most of us reading this message want to see Men's Rowing succeed, and if we can make a gift to the program, we want to be sure it is being used effectively and for a good purpose. Northeastern provides a significant investment in the Men's Rowing, (See NU Rowing Support Link) but at a minimum there is a unfunded gap of $160,000 to $200,000 annually to keep the program competitive.

Here's a List of the Needs for 2024

  • Recruiting and Consultant/Training $35,000

  • Florida Training Sarasota Trips $60,000

  • Truck/Oars $44,000

  • Row Perfect/C2 Ergs $12,000

    • Total 2024 Needs $151,000

2024 Season Fund Raising Goals

To meet the current needs and achieve the long term goal of consistent and competitive funding,  the NURA's  2024 FY goals are:

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Head Coach Alex Perkins

How to Make an Impact

Here are ways to give to the Howlin' Huskies Annual Fund and Legacy Fund.

Any Gift of Any Size is Appreciated and Impactful!


  • Howlin' Huskies Annual Fund Goal - $150,000

    • Any gift, $100+ (age 30+) or $50+ (under 30) anytime of the year, you become a NURA Member

    • Year End giving for tax gifting purposes

    • Make a monthly automatic payment

    • NU Annual Giving Day, 2nd Thursday in April, helps with matching funds

    • Anytime of the year you feel you want to help the Men's Rowing Program

    • If 400 donors gave $375 each, we would reach the $150,000 goal!


  • NURA Legacy Fund Endowment - $3 Million Goal

    • One-time or multi-year pledge gifts of $5,000 or more

    • Planned Giving in the future through an Estate Plan

    • Those age 72 and older, from your IRA, Charitable Gifts up to $100,000

    • Special gifting challenges, stay tuned for announcements, Henderson Boathouse Plaque Recognition

    • See the Northeastern Donor Recognition Societies with a Legacy Gift 

    • To discuss and find out more, Contact:


Meagan Connolly, Director of Development Athletics


You're Critical to the Mission

 Without the support of alumni and friends the student athletes won't have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and perform effectively against the best college crews in the country. So many rowing alumni still state that pulling on the Husky jersey and time spent on the team changed their lives for the better. Giving to the program has been limited over the program's history. The NURA's goal is to build and sustain a Culture of Generosity across all generations of athletes and friends, whatever can be given. Let us all elevate NU Men's Rowing and make a difference in the lives of the athletes that are doing their best for NU.

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